The Risks of Using Nangs or NOS

How much do you actually know about nitrous oxide, also referred to as laughing gas or nangs? Nangsta, a company that provides nangs delivery melbourne, explains the ins and outs of a drug that causes controversy despite having a very low risk of side effects.

No medication is 100 percent safe. But according to drug experts, including David Newcombe of the University of Auckland’s Centre for Addiction Research, taking nitrous oxide is significantly less risky than using many other drugs, including alcohol.

The inhalation of the gas directly from the canister poses one of the greatest risks. A user may be at risk for a burn that resembles frostbite due to the product’s high-pressure release.

According to Newcome, using nitrous oxide for an extended amount of time or without getting any fresh air may also make a person hypoxic, or oxygen-deficient, which, in extremely exceptional cases, can result in a heart attack.

Other potential negative effects of nitrous oxide are listed below by Drug Foundation program lead Emily Hughes:

1. Having a temporary lightheaded or dizzy spell and falling over and harming yourself
2. Self-burning after opening a canister of cold gas.

A very small percentage of regular users may experience vitamin B12 deficiency. But vitamins are a simple way to treat this.

Data made available by Canterbury District Health Board in April 2021 as a result of the Official Information Act support Newcombe and Hughes’ claims that consuming nitrous oxide carries just a small risk. Only three persons visited a hospital emergency room in the previous two years as a result of using nitrous oxide, according to their data, which was shown. During that period, three more patients were taken to the hospital after having negative reactions to nitrous oxide utilized in a clinical context. In total, four more patients were admitted to the hospital. With the help of the gas, the fourth person had consciously tried to poison themselves.