Difference between Baby Bouncer and Rocker

Bouncers and rockers sold in the market consist of manual and electric types. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, such as differences in the level of movement produced. There are various models of bouncers and rockers, ranging from large to compact. You need to adapt it to the placement location and usage situation. You can see great post about the best baby rocker .

Bouncer model, light and easy to move
You can easily seat or lean your baby in this bouncer model. You can also adjust the tilt as needed. This model bouncer will swing according to the baby’s body movements. You can put it in a location where you can monitor it, such as when you’re cleaning the house, making milk, or taking a shower. The adjustable tilt also makes your baby more comfortable. This bouncer model is generally only for sitting so it cannot be converted into a lying position. However, because the tilt can be adjusted, even babies who cannot straighten their necks can use this model. You can adjust it from the most gentle slope to sitting according to its growth. Many of these models can be folded into a compact form. So, you can take it anywhere.

Rocker model, multifunctional for all situations
Unlike most bouncer models which are shaped like a chair to sit on, the rocker model can be adjusted to a reclining position. The advantage of the rocker model is that you can use it as a bed by laying it down. In addition, you can also straighten it into a chair to sit on. Many rocker models are also equipped with tables so they are very practical for eating. Feeding babies is also easier than the bouncer model. Your little one can also play while interacting with you while eating. The rockers we introduce in this article are low-key models that are compact and lightweight. If you want to protect your baby from pets, we recommend choosing a rocker with long legs. So, you can elevate the position and out of reach of your pet.