Types Of Carpets Recommendations From Carpet Cleaning Riverview

Carpets are not just decorations at home that beautify the interior of the room, but also a means of comfort in carrying out daily activities at home such as relaxing, playing with children, and others. Keeping the carpet clean is also very important to avoid disease and an unpleasant atmosphere in the house. We provide some carpet tips that you can choose for your family at home.

Animal Skin Carpet
This one carpet material has been popular for a long time. Floor rugs made from animal skins are actually made from cleaned and dried animal skins.

This animal skin rug has very strong durability and is available in various attractive shapes. If you want to use this carpet at home, then place this carpet in a dry place so that the carpet is not easily damaged.

Sisal Carpet
Sisal carpet is a floor rug made from plants that have fairly high durability. However, this carpet has a fairly rough texture on the surface, so it might make the user a little uncomfortable. You can use this one for floors with slippery surfaces so you can reduce the risk of slipping.

Tapestry Carpet
Tapestry carpet are usually made from synthetic fiber materials such as polypropylene, nylon, or wool. It is identical to its beautiful and majestic pattern so it is often considered to have an expensive price. Using this one can warm your feet and beautify your room.

Rasfur Fur Carpet
Designed to accommodate leisure activities, the fleece rug has a texture similar to the base material for dolls. Inside, this rug is equipped with foam so it will feel soft and comfortable.

Thus are the carpet we can recommend to you. We also provide a cleaning service for any type of carpet you have.

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