Considering the Budget for Event Projection Mapping

Some of the most amazing projection mapping presentations have been produced by the Projection Mapping Dubai business Vantagevfx. Among these include mapping onto the largest monument in the world, projecting onto the ice at a sporting event or music venue, engaging attendees at a festival of digital graffiti, and a table mapping display that offered a unique food experience.

Projection mapping requires expensive, high-tech equipment to be done properly. When determining your projection mapping budget, keep the following questions in mind.

Internally or externally? Which 3D projection mapping option is best?
When deciding whether to utilize an external firm or an inside artist, there are a few options available.

In-house: If you have a content creator on staff, this is the most affordable choice for you. The drawback of using a team member is that they will need time to dedicate to the project, and if you have other obligations for the event that they must do, the project may be neglected. You would have more influence over the project as it developed if you had an in-house artist.

Outsource: Working with an outside company will cost more, but they will complete the work for you. You are still there to ensure that everything is being set up properly and that it appears as planned. Utilizing outsourced labor and collaborating in a meaningful and effective way is now made simpler by platforms like Slack, Zoom, and other online presentation applications.

Where are you in the process of organizing your event?
Where you are in the planning process for your event will determine which projection mapping is best for it. When adding 3D projections to your space, it’s crucial to consider not only the type of material and video or animation duration that will work well in the area, but also the amount of time that is available before the installation date.