Balancing Your Energy

To be whole and balanced beings, we need to respect both sides of our nature: Feminine and Masculine/Yin and Yang. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, you are responsible for making changes within yourself. We are all energy, when we change ourselves, true change in the world can occur. You can learn about

Feminine qualities and attributes are intuition, flexibility, healing, nurturing, wisdom, expression, emotion, patience, and the ability to accept. If we always give but there is still a sense of selflessness, then we are still dominated by the dark side of Masculine Energy. On the other hand, Masculine Energy also plays a big role, for example in developing business and careers, encouraging our will and strength to lead, etc. This is the quality of Masculine Energy. So when the Masculine Energy is too dominant in your life, there are times when we are called to reconnect to balance the Feminine Energy

Find time each day to create art. Sing or listen to classical music or binaural beats. Find something you love and create every day! Cooking, gardening, painting, sculpting, writing, etc. Learn to dance, practice the art of inner strength, practice yoga moves that allow you to “feel” the energy.

Nature keeps healing energy for us. Instead of going to the mall while on vacation, plan to go to a place that is unspoiled and has lots of trees. Learn to connect with the trees, the sound of birds chirping, the animals, the flowing river, and hear what message they have for you. Nature is a purge of toxic energies and can also help support psychic awareness.

Practice waiting, practice patience and practice accepting. Thus allowing your glass to be empty so that it can be refilled by the Energy of Wisdom. Learn to surrender everything to your higher self and let all prayers and hopes manifest themselves miraculously when the time comes.

Whenever we meet someone or say hello we tend to ask them, “How are you?” rather than “How are you feeling?” We need to move away from that mindset. We need to start feeling things from within, in order to learn more about ourselves and adjust our emotions. To cultivate a compassionate nature by getting to know our genuine emotional side is to harness the Feminine Energy.

So ask yourself, “How do I feel?”. Are you feeling tired, moody, excited, interested, sad, disappointed, or surprised? This will make it easier to map your feelings and learn to heal yourself which is one aspect of Feminine Energy. Feminine energy is innately more in tune with life. It symbolizes creation in all its forms and knows the rhythm in the cycle of life, rather than a system of domination imposed by the will. Feminine energy is very important for each human being throughout the world to grow. And each of us is called to access this compassionate healing energy from within.

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