Sinuses That Causes Tooth Pain and How Can Be They Connected

It really happens very often, a patient will go to their dentist complaining of a serious dental problem, thinking that it is a toothache due to cavities or some kind of root problem and it – Turns out it has nothing to do with dental problems. Yes, from the information we can gather, this is common. The painful sensation is so close to what the patient usually experiences with toothache that it is directly associated with a dental problem and not a sinus problem. See our website for more information on sinus and dental problems.

Once you report pain symptoms to your dentist; which, if associated with sinuses, may involve a painful tooth rather than a single tooth causing pain. They will continue to ask a few questions and do some simple tests on your teeth – the main test they will use is the dance test where they will gently press the teeth in the area that is causing the pain. They check whether the pain is coming from one tooth or multiple teeth. If the pain affects the upcoming sinus infection, the pain will also be in the upper back area of ​​the mouth, since this is where the maxillary sinus cavities are located. They are actually located near the roots of the maxillary molars. There are cases where the roots are embedded in the walls of the maxillary sinuses themselves.

Therefore, now you will see that with a slight increase in the nose in the cavity that causes disease, the swelling in the sinus area will cause a pain that is transmitted to the end of the root. The level of infection and inflammation in the sinuses and the proximity of the root end will determine how much pain a person will actually experience. Also, if you are experiencing pain with your dental sinus problems, this may be the cause of your pain.